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The club is proud of its woodland site, which was bought, and is managed by the members. The site, and the ecologically friendly way it is managed, has been praised by the Oxford Woodland Trust. Deer regularly wander through, and owls can be heard hooting at night. The clubhouse, sheltering beneath the tall trees, was built and equipped by members. They sank bore holes to obtain our own supply of natural water; they dug ditches for electricity cables; they felled trees to make a sunbathing lawn. Together the woodland and its clubhouse provide a tranquil and unspoilt spot for relaxation and recovery from the hustle of working life.

Soaking up summer sunshine on the lawn.   Autumn leaves have been raked from the sun-lawn.

The 11 acre site needs regular maintenance, and monthly 'Club Sundays' provide plenty of opportunity for hefty or lighter work, felling trees, cutting logs, mowing the grass of the sunbathing area, or keeping the meandering paths clear.

Here you see winter tree felling and clearing.  
Hedge planting on the boundary.   The chipper makes chippings for paths.

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